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Demarcation Lines

by Vassals

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screen goes black some seconds and i catch my own reflection fish-eyed staring sinking thinking almost nothing, almost nothing all that awful sunshine but i got a bloodmoon in my mind like rock-filled pockets staring off at oil tankers floating by fill my days with actions fill my veins with folic acid when the dog walks me i’m asking if he’s onto something, knows that i am fearless almost never always one hand on the safety lever and sure my life just ended but my ghost still hasn’t noticed it my mind’s made up of the usual stuff
Cis Jack 02:58
i need a light, i need a lighter i need a lighter song for walking to work, for talking in spirals just for getting on nothing too long, nothing too complex and light the breeze the more that i think the darker the context i need a light, some flint and some steel a reason to crush something under my heel and let it go out try as i might, nothing gets brighter i need a lighter song for getting things wrong, for death and desire maybe you’re right / there was some sort of deal i can say the words right but i’m not gonna kneel but i’ll let him go on swear i saw him in the corner shooting bourbon with the owner going on and on about a new world order swear i saw him in the corner shooting bourbon with the owner let him go on, let him go on let him go on
it’s on the wind, coming in waves now caught in the scrimmed second floor window when you encircle me I don’t know how to evade something that can’t be shouldn’t seem so easy to make it’s on the wind, Saturn is stationed my throat it stripped down to the foundation if I could even speak if I could even begin you’ve encircled me there’s a storm rolling in you’ll never know, softer than all this mallet and bow, whispered and endless all of my skin, exiled and nameless floating away and perfectly still
Lil Anvil 02:58
i drew a line / i drew a line on me / splitting time into territories never mind now how my tarot reads / alls a queen of swords / alls a fading dream in the night / among the shaking leaves / no more anthills are calling home for me / lil anvil hiding under her sleeve / alls a burning ghost / all is in reverse / alls a fading dream high on a sea of caustic notion i am a being of constant motion drew a line / i drew it nice and deep / through my mind through my lips through my teeth / never mind now how my tarot reads / alls a queen of swords / all is in reverse / alls a fading dream i am a being of constant motion i am a being of whatever / forever
Jetsam 02:36
if i ever come back if that’s something people do let me be an oak branch let me be some lilac let me be a thing that’s not too scared to leave her room petrified of context hiding out till sunset if i ever come back if you had it your way, i’d stay underneath your bed remember when you wrote that? will it ever come back? now i keep my visions and my missives in my head let me be your jetsam let it be distress-less honey when you come back i know you’ll be endless
dolly won't you check my pulse i'm floating up and down like an 8-bit castle ghost just hovering off the ground scattered and blown about faded and fading out things could turn around but i know they won't dolly won't you take our photo take our photos down i've got charcoals handmade posters drawings of wildflowers pictures of your hometown mine is a fading sound this could all work out but i know it won't sometimes we both laugh everything rushes back feels like this could last but i know it won't let's go out tonight let's get all dolled up i wanna see you in the strands of colored lights shining teeth and eyes dolly you look so good and i've never felt more fine i think i feel alright it took the longest time but i think i feel alright
stay, stay a little longer you say as you’re walking backward all legs and eyes like burning candles i’m standing in place the faint sound of something out there makes me dizzier than all hell with fangs and leering from the top stair staring in space lying in wait i know my place strange, staring in the mirror to see something that you don’t feel oh haven’t i changed? haven’t I changed? i know my place
used to feel / just like a sociopath now my heart pours out like rain love you still / even when you don’t love back kept your photograph in the frame through this life / could you even call it mine?
 so many parts replaced now i watch you walk / your demarcation lines that kind men always make with venom in their veins back when i / i was still the only kid & everything you did was correct taught myself / to keep myself well hid took the kitchen shears to my dress couldn’t handle being the mess wonder what you’re doing and if i’m doing it the same staring at the ruins looking for some point of blame our names / are the same as they were / from the first day i'm pretty sure / there are worst things our names / are the same as they were / since the worst day i’m watching you / turn the wrong way & i can relate
in a puff of smoke / i can disappear just a crumpled coat / in the corner chair and my face will fade my true form / a bat-winged terror a bringer of harm / a black mark bearer i could compel you to go/ i can curse you to stay but i can’t change that hole in your heart / into a shape like me my face will fade / my spells will break when you hear my bell / you will forget my name because i saw my fate now I’m a deceiver
Past Lives 04:14
strange, where’s the term to describe this i’ve flipped all through my codex i made ribbons of pamphlets just to wait — with boots on the drainboard making circles of sweet chords blowing halos of soft words in the Times left outside in the rain every headline blurs out until meaningless every half-life tries its best to remain the hand on a spinning helm we won’t be a part of this when i’m placed in the background scenery i’m a pile of of kindling i'm in search of some kerosene and a flame before some vision unsettling is boiling up through memory is apparating ahead of me but in no time i’ll be walking steadily toward a closed door red light emanating every passed life dies with your eyes on me i’ve been a lot of things and now i’ll be good company but in no time i’ll be walking ahead of me through a closed door, red light emanating every passed life dies with your eyes on me i’ve been a lot of things
nights when the autumn wind howls and bends i’m watching, you’re breathing in like it won’t happen again at any moment i'll be getting up on both sides of the bed any moment you’ll be waking alone with a fog rolling in the dog will bark at passing cars and passing thoughts i’m passed the clock, the calendar, the coffee pot i’m floating off at sea darling, i think we’re living in a state of shock swearing just one more then we’re turning it off at any moment i’ll be breathing in on some backlot at any moment you’ll be sleeping alone, you’ll be sleeping it off the dog will bark at passing cars and poltergeist i’m passed the bars the record shop the citi bikes i’m floating off at sea into the fiery leaves with the sun burning east the roadway is quiet and free and stretched forever ahead push a little more and then a little more than i could stand
JC Sci 03:38
it was bad news on my birthday / the year i turned twenty five an otherwise boring workday / caffeinated headache overtime with the tv’s looping endlessly / information breaking live cadences are all descending / traffic building up on 95 found a pamphlet, jacket pocket / the Scientists of Jesus Christ offer us an end to all this / to open up our arms and close our eyes i’m so catholic in my nonsense / but no one's gonna fool me twice all the folklore and phylactery points me to the factory now i’m crossing the street / are they crossing after me? another wish in the well / toll of a bell / never ending
under / so far under in a stone cold thousand year slumber in a sea change / i rolled over off the bed, off the bridge off the the roll call order read it out loud / like a headstone found my place on the map in my cellphone made me cringe / like a suicide note i wrote out as a kid when i felt so old then it was fall / and i was feeling all the mysteries would soon be revealing watching smoke crawl / across the ceiling crossed my heart, hoped to die hoped to mean it


released March 15, 2019


all rights reserved



Vassals Brooklyn, New York

jon jeff cassette

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