Halogen Days EP

by Vassals

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"Drawing their mood from alt. rock masters like Weezer or The Pixies, Spence sings the bittersweet feeling of a soul looking for true emotions and belonging in a bogus existence" - Gold Flake Paint

"When lead singer Shay Spence sings there’s a sense of cold hard emotion, as if previous suppression has her sharp lyrics bubbling to the surface" -BuffaBlog

"The enthralled sentiments that revolve around the notion of “I want to feel alright” are met with a series of introspection sections that mull over the inward fleeting sentiments where introverted & extroverted aspects collide in an explosion of spinning city lights." - IMPOSE

"As a group, they've mastered the art of both sonic and emotional build-up and release..." - The Deli

"The songs drift effortlessly from slacker-rock to post-punk.." - The Alternative

"Its perfect balance of cheer and chide, may just be the perfect antidote for your weary, chipper-saturated soul.” —Bedford & Bowery

“Brings to mind throwback 90s outfits along the lines of Dinosaur Jr. and Pavement, and (most importantly) is utterly infectious.” —All Things Go


released April 7, 2017

Vassals is:
Shay Spence - Bass, Vocals
Jeff Fettig - Guitar
Jonathan Smith - Drums

Recorded by Jonathan Smith and Jeff Fettig at The Creamery Studio
Mixed by Jonathan Smith
Mastered by Joe Lambert at JLM
Album Art by Shay Spence



all rights reserved


Vassals Brooklyn, New York

Contact: vassalsband@gmail.com

Vassals is a band that embraces the loud/quiet dichotomy of the 90s through the lens of 60s rock and psychedelia.

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Track Name: Sea Spells
all of my life,
I’d stave off my sleep
and lie awake wishing some sweet magician
would transfigure me
and the rest of my time,
a beautiful breeze
that none would bring harm to,
nor would they want to,
to this lovely machine

in my dreams
I see her still,
she speaks in tongues,
dissolves at will
can anyone break a spell
they put on themselves?

steady your hand,
and wait for your cue
smile on command, dear,
they don’t understand you
like I do
through halogen days,
and deepest of blues
I’ll follow your gaze, dear
there’s so many ways here
to carry the news
Track Name: Moonless
So full of fear
and I don’t know why
I shake and shake
and I stomp and I sneer
and I wait and I wait
I’m awake, I’m awake
on a moonless night

I know the end is near,
we’re gonna burn so bright
on a witch’s stake
I tear the name from my beer
and I wait and I wait
I’m awake, I’m awake
on a moonless night
Track Name: SoHo
who would ever call this fun,
running on an endless drone
a color wheel for everyone
color wheel for everyone
staring at the midday sun

every tenant disavowed
thoughts you never said out loud
tell them how it all works out,
there’s nothing here to worry about
now back into the faceless crowd

everything I’m dreading:
SoHo on the weekend
a jacket for a wedding
I don’t want to be in

I wanna feel alright.
I’m faded, dematerialized
swimming in a sea of light,
I’m swimming in a sea of light
I’m floating on an awful high

silver sun setting
on SoHo on the weekend
there’s something I’m forgetting,
theres something that I needed
something I’m forgetting…
Track Name: Ghostwood
can you recall
this was the time
for tying one on
for telephone lines
now morning just brings
unbearable light
the hot shower steam,
the laces to tie
I’ve got a joke
I think you would like
but what do I know,
when am I right?
I’ll turn down the blinds,
batten the sheets
be still my mind,
be kind my dreams

and now that you know
how the hours turn to days,
now that you know,
does it change?

all of these turns,
made in your sleep
and all of my words
that don’t do a thing
and I’ve got a trick
I think you should try
but what do I know,
when am I right?

and now that you know
how the hours turn to days
now that you know,
does it change?
you want love,
I want love,
oh I want everything